MSP430-GDBProxy++ for Windows

MSPDebug is an open-source tool used to debug MSP430 devices over JTAG using GDB with the original MSP430.DLL from Texas Instruments.


The GDBProxy++ is compatible with all hardware debuggers that are supported by MSP430.DLL v3. The key features of GDBProxy++ are:

  • Support for unlimited software breakpoints
  • Support for fast hardware breakpoints
  • Support for data breakpoints
  • Compatible with the original MSP430 drivers and MSP430.DLL


You can download the latest MSP430-GDBProxy++ release here: MSP430 GitHub Releases


To start using MSP430-GDBProxy++ follow these simple steps:

  1. Unpack the downloaded archive and run msp430-gdbproxy.exe
  2. Run msp430-gdb <your-elf-file>.elf
  3. In GDB prompt enter the following commands:
    target remote :2000
    mon erase
    Note that if your GDB is built with XML support, the "mon erase" command is not necessary, as GDB will detect and erase the FLASH automatically.

Source code and license

You can download the MSP430-GDBProxy++ source code by cloning our Github repository.

See the source code documentation and the GDBServerFoundation documentation for details.

MSP430-GDBProxy++ is licensed under LGPL. Note that you can use it to debug any kind of firmware, the LGPL restrictions only apply if you want to modify MSP430-GDBProxy++ itself.

Interaction with other tools

The following diagram shows the interaction between GDBProxy++, GDB and MSP430.DLL: