Download pre-built OpenOCD for Windows

OpenOCD is an open-source tool that allows debugging various ARM devices with GDB using a wide variety of JTAG programmers. You can download the pre-built OpenOCD for windows from this page:

Version Download link
20190828 openocd-20190828.7z
20190715 openocd-20190715.7z
20190705 openocd-20190705.7z
20190625 openocd-20190625.7z
20190426 openocd-20190426.7z
20190210 openocd-20190210.7z
20181130 openocd-20181130.7z
20180728 openocd-20180728.7z
20170821 openocd-20170821.7z

Each build above includes the necessary binaries and scripts to begin debugging your device right away.

Recommended Tools

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