Download OpenOCD with STM32F7, STM32H7 and MSP432 support for Windows

OpenOCD is an open-source tool that allows debugging various ARM devices with GDB using a wide variety of JTAG programmers.

You can download the pre-built OpenOCD for windows from this page:

Version Download link
OpenOCD 0.10.0 [2018-11-30] OpenOCD-20181130.7z
OpenOCD 0.10.0 [2018-07-28] OpenOCD-20180728.7z
OpenOCD 0.10.0 [2017-08-21] OpenOCD-20170821.7z
OpenOCD 0.10.0 [2017-06-09]
OpenOCD 0.9.0+ [2016-09-01]
OpenOCD 0.9.0 with STM32F7 and MSP432 support
OpenOCD 0.8.0
OpenOCD 0.7.0
If you are looking for a completely integrated IDE solution, check out our VisualGDB OpenOCD tutorial.