Windows toolchain for Beaglebone

This page contains a pre-built Windows cross-toolchain for the Beaglebone board.

The toolchain includes the following components:

  • The GCC compiler for C and C++ languages
  • The GDB debugger
  • Include files and libraries from the Beaglebone image
  • WinFLASHTool - a tool for writing disk images to SD cards
  • SmarTTY - a portable SSH client with support for copying files to remote machine

The following releases are available:

GCC Compatible Beaglebone image Toolchain download link
6.3.0 bone-debian-9.1-2017-08-31 beaglebone-gcc-6.3.0 (358 MB)
4.9.2 beaglebone-2016.11.06 (Debian) beaglebone-gcc-4.9.2.exe (465 MB)
4.6.3 beaglebone-2015.03.01 (Debian + Qt 5.5) beaglebone-gcc4.6.3-Debian-r2.exe (282 MB)
4.7.3 beaglebone-2013.06.20 (Angstrom) beaglebone-gcc4.7.3.exe (124 MB)