Prebuilt GNU toolchain for msp430

The following releases are available:

Binutils GCC libc GDB Download link
2.22 4.6.3 msp430-libc 7.4 msp430-gcc4.6.3-r7.exe

Official TI MSP430 Toolchain

TI has released a newer version of the GCC MSP430 toolchain that is not based on the original mspgcc project. The toolchain contains newer GCC and GDB versions and supports newer devices, however it has one major bug: the -ffunction-sections flag that allows removing unused code from the final image breaks debug symbols.

You can download a repackaged toolchain with VisualGDB device definitions here:

4.9.1 7.7.1 msp430-gcc4.9.1-ti-r2.exe

Warning: you will not be able to debug projects built with this toolchain unless you manually remove the -ffunction-sections flag from debug.mak or the Makefile Settings page of VisualGDB Project Properties:

All toolchains come with a convenient one-click installer:


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